Specifications for Hi-Z’s Sputtering System

  • Sputtering Sources

    1. Four 3-inch Magnetron Sputtering Sources with Pneumatic Shutters (currently installed on the system or two 6-inch Magnetron Sources available for installation

  • Ultimate Base Vacuum: <1 x 10-7 Torr

    1. Automatic Pressure Control by Control Valve

  • Source Power Supplies:

    1. Two Pulse DC Power Supplies and two RF Power Generators with Automatic Impedance matching Network

  • Substrates

    1. Real Time Adjustable Substrate Orientation (with respect to the sputtering source)
    2. Substrate Heating (up to 650C) available for 2-inch or 6-inch circular wafers
    3. Substrate Spinning Available With No Substrate Heating

  • Deposition Capability

    Many different sputtering materials: Au, Si, SiGe, SiO2, SiC, B4,B9C, Si3N4, Mo, Bi2Te3, etc. and other materials upon request. Heated or unheated substrates: silicon, alumina, fused silica, aluminum nitride, including polymers such Kapton and Upilex and many other materials. In many thin film configurations: Single Layer, Multi-Layer, Periodic Structures, Composition Varying Structures and Coatings. In different sputtering modes: DC, Pulse DC, or RF Magnetron Sputtering.