HZ-20 Ceramic Wafer-L


Product Description Width (mm) Length  (mm) Height (mm) 1 – 199
HZ-20 Ceramic Wafer-L 76.20 76.20 0.254 $2.75


Advantages of Hi-Z modules:

Hi-Z Technology’s line of thermoelectric generator (TEG) modules differ from any other on the market in their suitability for electric power generation from heat sources. The competition starts with Peltier cooling modules, then modifies some of the materials of construction to tolerate higher temperatures. The Hi-Z TEG modules were designed from the beginning for TEG applications. They have the following key advantages:

  • Compressive Strength – They can tolerate being clamped between flat metal plates with at least 500 psi of pressure (short term) and 200 psi long term at temperature.
  • Warpage Tolerant – When one side is heated and one side is cooled, warpage is inevitable. Hi-Z’s TEG modules use a flexible matrix of glass fiber reinforced high temperature polymer to hold the thermoelements in place. The competition all use brittle alumina plates. When the plates crack, the circuit is broken and the module dies.
  • Life Expectancy – Our thermally-sprayed circuitry is solder-free and perfectly compatible with the bismuth telluride thermoelectric materials. Competitors all use solders that diffuse into the legs over time and poison them.
  • Over-Temperature Tolerance – Our modules can withstand brief excursions above 350°C without permanent damage. The competition cannot.
Product Description Width (mm) Length (mm) Height (mm) 1 – 199
HZ-20 Ceramic Wafer-L 76.20 76.20 0.254 $2.75