Hi-Z Technology has many years experience designing and manufacturing thermoelectric modules & systems. Hi-Z’s San Diego facility comprises 9,149 sq. ft. with all of the equipment, tools, and testing capabilities to help you create a thermoelectric module. 

Custom Module Making

Hi-Z has many years experience in the design, development and fabrication of a thermoelectric module and would be pleased to make one for you.
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System Design and Prototyping

Hi-Z would be pleased to design, develop and  fabricate a power generating system for you. We usually do this in the following phases:

  • System conceptual design
  • Simulation and Engineering
  • Detail drawings fabrication
  • Key components selection
  • Thermoelectric system assembly
  • System performance verification

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Sputtering Services

For your advanced materials research, a custom sputtering tool is available at Hi-Z. This tool is set up to fabricate unique structures. For example, Hi-Z’s proven sputtering system has grown repeatable alternating 10 nm layers of electrical conductors and 10 nm electrical insulators with >500 layers of each material. Also, semiconductor and metallic coatings have been applied to many different heated and unheated substrates to produce specific properties for distinctive applications.
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